International Marketing Assistants

International Marketing Assistants (IMAs) are current international students who assist the Outreach team at Shoreline Community College. In addition to communicating with prospective students in a variety of languages through social media and email, they also gain real-world skills by designing and producing marketing materials, including posters, brochures, and videos, using a variety of online tools as well as software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro. 

Ahmed Al-Saif, Saudi Arabia

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2015
Major: Electrical Engineering

Why I became an IMA: I wanted to gain experience and to get engaged with people. I also wanted to be part of the community by helping out.

Why I chose ShorelineFirst, Shoreline is the best of its kind in Washington State. Second, it has the safest and prettiest campus among all the colleges in Seattle. Also, the International Education department here provides the greatest help for its students.

Favorite classesMath and Multicultural Studies.

What I do when I'm freeStudying in the library mostly.

Favorite American food: STEAK AND MASHED POTATOES!!


Jiaharn Choo, Taiwan

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2015
Major: Speech and Hearing Science

Why I became an IMA: To gain more experience and to help international students.

Why I chose Shoreline: I planned to study aboard back when I was still studying in my hometown. Also, I heard community college in Washington state allow students to study when they are 16 years old, so I decided to come here early, which saves time and money. Last but not least, it is one of the best community here.

Favorite classes: Human Biology.

What I do when I'm free: Watch movies and read books, basically things I can do in my room.

Favorite American food: Chicken nuggets.


Yana Kondratyeva, Kazakhstan

Started at Shoreline: Summer 2014
Major: Business and Accounting

Why I became an IMA: I wanted to gain experience working while I study at Shoreline and to be involved as more than just a student.

Why I chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline because my step-dad recommended it to me. He said I can get really good professional education and I will enjoy studying at this amazing college.

Favorite classesPhotography, music, and English.

What I do when I'm freeI usually spend time with my family and friends.

Favorite American food: Tacos (which are actually Mexican food) and cheesecake.


Daeun (Diane) Lee, South Korea

Started at Shoreline: Spring 2016
Major: Communication

Why I became an IMA: I am interested in the roles IMAs play promoting Shoreline and events here. I also think IMA's tasks help international students really well.

Why I chose ShorelineI heard that Shoreline is the best community college in Washington state. Shoreline has a great education system.

Favorite classes: Introduction to Music Theory.

What I do when I'm free: Read books.

Favorite American food: Clam chowder.


Mai Nguyen, Vietnam

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2014
Major: International Studies

Why I became an IMA: My major in International Studies offers me the clarity in writing and speech, analytical skills, and critical thinking to examine world issues. The IMA position requires the exact same skills, so I can develop and train myself towards the path I chose for my career. Indeed, it's more than just to improve myself: being an IMA brings me a great opportunity to meet with and work with the friendly Shoreline staff, faculty and students.

Why I chose ShorelineBack to when I was still in Vietnam, I attended several seminars for studying abroad hosted by many colleges. I had a chance to meet with the outreach staff from each of the schools and I was impressed by how helpful and informational the staff from Shoreline was. Having been studying and working at Shoreline for more than 2 years, I never regret my decision as Shoreline is now my second sweet home

Favorite classes: International Relations has given me the best experience of school so far. There is no right or wrong answer, and any of yours thoughts are valued in this class during discussions. If you are interested in international relations issues, I highly recommend this class. Larry Fuell, the professor who teaches this class, is also one of my very favorite professors at Shoreline.

What I do when I'm freeI enjoy going to the gym so much as it keeps me fit and healthy for school and work. I also love swimming at Helene Madison Pool as it is free for Shoreline students, so why not? And of course, I play video games to end my day if I have any spare time.

Favorite American food: Chicken nuggets :p


Krittawat (Nick) Pattaramekanon, Thailand

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2015
Major: Photography

Why I became an IMA:  My passion is to capture the moment of time. Photography is my major and I’ve been doing it for years. I also like to help other people. I always enjoy attending ISOPs, parties, and school events as a photographer. So if you see me around school events don’t be afraid, smile at the camera and feel free to let me know if you want some photos taken! 

Why I chose ShorelineCommunity college gives me opportunities to have time to choose what I want to do before going to university. Advisors, staff, and friends at Shoreline are very friendly and helpful. The campus is filled up with green nature and fresh air. Shoreline is a nice city to live in, with a smaller population but not far away from downtown Seattle.

Favorite classesBeginning Photography and Documentary Photography.

What I do when I'm freeTaking photos (mostly of transit buses), travel around, riding buses, repair computers and electronics, and teaching photography to my friends.

Favorite American food: Burgers, steak – well, I love pretty much all Western food!


Xiaohu Shangguan, China

Started at Shoreline: Spring 2015
Major: Business

Why I became an IMA: I became an IMA because I enjoy helping other people, and I can gain great experience when I'm working. It's very cool to work at school as an IMA.

Why I chose ShorelineShoreline is a great college that I always heard people talk about. Shoreline has a large, safe, and beautiful campus that attracted me a lot. In addition, Shoreline has great faculty and high transfer rate.

Favorite classesESL and Drama.

What I do when I'm freeI enjoy watching videos on YouTube when I'm free. I also love to play PC games and board games with friends.

Favorite American food: Pizza and chicken nuggets.


Beatrice Suherman, Indonesia

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2015
Major: Nursing

Why I became an IMA: I want to get work experience to prepare myself for my professional career. I also like to help new students find answers to their questions about college life.

Why I chose ShorelineGood science classes and nursing program.

Favorite classesI love biology classes, especially Microbiology. In Microbiology lab, I had a project where I had to figure out the species of bacteria by doing experiments. The project took about 6 weeks to finish, but it was really fun.

What I do when I'm freeI am currently attending Shoreline Community College Nursing Program, it is a very competitive and challenging program, therefore I don't have a lot of free time. But if I get some free time, I like to watch American TV series, a lot of them, such as Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and many others. Other than that, if the weather is good, I like to go to parks such as Green Lake or Lake Union to hang out and enjoy the weather.

Favorite American food: Lamb chops.

Yusuke Watanabe, Japan

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2016
Major: Music Merchandising

Why I became an IMA: To let people know what they can experience here at Shoreline.

Why I chose ShorelineBecause Shoreline has the best Music & Music Technology departments in the Pacific Northwest!

Favorite classesSurvey of Music Recording/Publishing Business

What I do when I'm freeCreate music!!!

Favorite American food: Burgers.